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Tak Bai in Dongguan City Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Li Jian
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Address: Wu Hang industrial zone, Fenggang town Tong Lek Village, Dongguan
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Welcome to the Tak Bai in Dongguan City Metal Products Co., Ltd.!
Dongguan City Tak Bai Metal Gift Co., Ltd. is located in the south of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in Dongguan Fenggang. Areas covering more than 3,000 square meters, all kinds of skilled workers more than 80 industries, professional processing all types of wire, sheet, pipe, zinc-aluminum alloy products and other technology products, hotel metal utensils series, garden products series, Christmas ornaments series, Display props series exported to European markets, and has been well received in Europe and America trust of customers and industry experts!
Metal Gift Co., Ltd. Tak Bai by industry experts, management initiated the formation of the elite. Accumulated nearly 20 years of industry experience in metal craft products. It has 18 sets of 10T-400T punch; pulse spot welder 25; lighting spinning machine 20; drum silk screen machines, 11; clean spraying workshop and special welding equipment more than 30 Taiwan; supporting mold production equipment computer gongs, precision milling machines, grinder, sparks and other readily available.

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