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What is a bucket?

Published:2015-11-03 10:14:56Click to rate:
Ice bucket, by definition, those who need to cool down in the icy state of wine tasting.

When the optimum drinking temperature above the temperature of the wine, ice bucket within minutes it is possible to put the best wine of the temperature dropped. Its very simple to use, ice and cold water into the ice bucket bottle to bottle shoulder, ice bucket wine temperature quickly dropped to the optimum temperature for drinking, ever-changing style ice bucket, and better reflect the wine business culture, make the wine more elegant and dignified gorgeous.
Ice bucket is a display of promotional advertising industry equipment, suitable for stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, squares and other promotional activities for holiday themes and new market promotion, create casual relaxed shopping atmosphere. Flexible bucket, put the ice bucket, summer frozen beer, beverage, is conducive brands of outdoor advertising display and cold cultural promotion, to promote sales.

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