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Bird feeders, aviculture people essential

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TV literati in ancient times, when they go to restaurants and other crowded places, a lot of people carrying a bird cage will have to show their status. Modern birds as pets in the support. When in aviculture, bird feeders became an indispensable tool for aviculture people.

      Bird feeders, usually by a hanging ring, water containers and water containers provided at the bottom of the water outlet on the device configuration. Wherein the device comprises a water level balancer and a plurality of outlet pipe. At the top end surface of the balancer water dripping mouth opened, the opened end face of its bottom end has a plurality of outlets respectively connected with each outlet pipe. An elongated outlet pipe elbow, their shape, size and curvature are identical.

       Bird feeder, while a plurality of outlet pipe water supply and the water does not overflow, so it is easy to use, practical, avoid waste and beautiful features.

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